Almost Ready!

PWall Constructionleiades artists cut, hammered, and spackled last week getting ready to install artwork in our new gallery space. We built two monumentally large movable walls so we can arrange and re-arrange art installations to keep the gallery look fresh. This week a small kitchenette will be installed, we’ll touch up some pedestals, bring in the art and then, voila!, we open the gallery doors in early April.

Call for Artists

Pleiades Gallery invites local artists to join our new and growing gallery. We are looking for a small number of responsible, talented artists of diverse backgrounds and media to come together to help the success of our gallery in downtown Durham. We are interested in a variety of art forms in both two dimensions (painting, drawing, fabric, etc.) and three dimensions (sculpture, pottery, wood, etc.). Membership to the gallery will be by juried selection.  An interview also will be required.

For more information check out our “Call for Artists” page.