DWELL: an interior designer and an architectural draftsman walk into a gallery…

You are invited to the Third Friday reception of DWELL, a provocative new show featuring Jim Adams and Sandra Elliott, that explores and challenges stock assumptions and perceptions about the relationship between art, architecture and interior design.

Fully titled “DWELL, an interior designer and an architectural draftsman walk into a gallery…”, the show combines the works of Adams, a metal sculptor and draftsman, and Elliott, a painter and designer, to “inspire conversation about the labels we put on the beautiful things with which we surround ourselves.” “We’re teaming up for this show to merge our backgrounds in residential, commercial, industrial, and furniture design, as a means of confronting stereotypical thinking,” say the artists. “Through our work, we’re hoping to both engage viewers and stimulate discussion about what society calls art and what it labels as craft—and how this all ties into design.”  DWELL presents inspiring metal sculptures and functional items for the home; large pieces of abstract and impressionist art which have been turned into upholstery and oilcloth rugs; and paintings hanging on the wallpaper which inspired their design.   

The Third Friday reception is March 21st from 6-9 pm. There will be music and the American Meltdown food truck as well.