Together: Our Affinity for One Another


In our newest show, “Together,” each Pleiades artist paired with another local artist with whom they have something in common. The nine pairs of artists resonate with each other through shared use of materials, relationships, subject matter, or desire for social and political change. Each artist pairing presents differences, too.

Originally this exhibit was going to be called “Opposites Attract,” yet with the political landscape we changed the intent of the show to represent that together as artists, and as people, we need to celebrate our affinity for one another as well as our differences.

Yuko N. Taylor collaborated with her adult son and artist/painter, King N. Godwin. He has autism and does not speak well. Yuko painted his portrait and he painted his family portrait.  Yuko wanted to depict the wordless conversation between her son and herself. Yuko says, “After all, my son is 25.  He is my son and a great person, and he has autism.  We went through so much that I do not know how I got here, but it is all good.  I always wanted to know so much more about him, but he knows all about me already.  He taught me what I want for him is not really what he needs.  I still want to talk to him, so I know what he is thinking and feeling. Because I know he will teach me many very important things. He knows I want to know about him, and he decided to paint.  To show how he feels and how much he loves us.  After he became painter, I started to know I perhaps gave him a good life.  He knows how to love all he touches in his lives.  That is what I wanted him to know, that I love him.”

“Together” runs through March 5, 2017, with an opening reception on Friday, January 20th, 6-9 pm, and a closing reception on Friday, February 17th, 6-9 pm. We hope you will visit the gallery to meet the artists.

Renee Leverty & Dasan Ahanu  *  Kim Wheaton & Delvecchio Faison  *  Darius Quarles & Chrystal Kelly  *  Nate Sheaffer & Louis St. Lewis  *  Tom Dunne & Lucia Marcus  *  Teddy Devereux & John Cavallito  *  Mark Abercrombie & Kevin Clark  *  Yuko N. Taylor & King N. Godwin  *   Erik Wolken & Kerry Hudson

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