Leslie Pruneau

When you locate my work in our gallery, you might wonder why the pieces are so diversified.  I have asked myself that same question for over 35 years(!) and can only say that it must be because my life is so unpredictable, how could my artwork be otherwise?  It seems to be my job to stay “tuned in” and soaking up the world’s vibes, trends and random inputs like a sponge, and then squeezing that content back out onto canvases and mixed-media constructions.

I employ a wide-range of painting applications and have a strong drive to explore both traditional and non-traditional mediums.  When painting, I feel like I am “building” the canvas, and when building my sculptural-mixed-media constructions, I feel like I am reconstructing a painting.  Either way, I try to keep myself as challenged as possible when in the studio.

When I am not in the studio, or hiking a trail or riding the waves, you may find me teaching advanced painting workshops and classes, both locally and nationally, which tend to keep me humbled and driven.

To see more of Leslie’s work, visit her website at http://www.LesliePruneau.com