Nate Sheaffer

Nate Sheaffer is a neon artist, a sculptor of light. Click on each image below to see a larger picture. To see more of Nate’s work, go to

“Vision – actually, the act of seeing; it’s an obsession that never makes it fully into the esoteric levels of analysis, projection, and prognostication. I am interested more in the mechanics of light and vision, of how we see and process images and the light that allows us to capture shapes and brightness, discern shadow and blur from the lack (or overabundance) of illumination. Everyday environmental filters – re-purposed street lamp covers, glass rods, acrylic screens, congealed resins – combine with flawed genetics of compromised vision to alter our perceived surroundings, calling into question how differently the world appears to you from how I see things. I enjoy adding more barriers, more filters to the light, bending light as I bend glass tubing. Changing your opinion about how light is supposed to act and how we are trained to see it is my goal.”