Pleiades_Gallery_logoV2_PMSPleiades  [pleeuh-deez]  n.

  1. Arts: An artist-run community arts organization in Durham, NC.
  2. Astronomy: a cluster of stars in the Taurus (bull) constellation.
  3. Classical Mythology: seven daughters of Atlas pursued by Orion.

Pleiades Arts is a community-focused, artist-driven organization founded as Pleiades Gallery in 2013 and evolved as a nonprofit entity in 2017.

Our mission is to foster community appreciation for and engagement with the arts.

We believe original artwork is important in our daily lives: it brings beauty, pause, discussion, satisfaction, contemplation, and pleasure.

While the initial purpose of Pleiades Gallery was to provide a space for individual member artists to showcase and sell their artwork, the mission of Pleiades Arts has shifted such that broader community interests are at the heart of our purpose. Pleiades Arts will continue to offer artwork of exhibiting artists and will expand upon our community outreach through:

  • establishing arts education events
  • fostering diversity of artwork that is reflective of the region
  • providing a space for artists from underrepresented communities to exhibit visual and performance art
  • merging innovation with the arts to increase understanding and access to art
  • partnering with other civic organizations
  • hosting community art exhibits and events to address specific cultural and social issues

2017 Board of Directors

Renee Leverty, Kim Wheaton, Pamela Green, Cornelio Campos, Dorothy Browne, Darius Quarles, and Libby Bowling.

Why “Pleiades”?

us-nc-duWe picked the name “Pleiades” as a way to represent connections in Durham. The cluster of Pleiades stars is represented on the Durham city flag (because Pleiades is located on the shoulder of Taurus, the bull constellation). So in our gallery we are a cluster of artists within the cultural constellation of Durham, the Bull City!

Please keep visiting us to see what new and exciting things are happening at Pleiades Arts!