Pleiades  [pleeuh-deez]  n.

  1. Arts: An artist-run contemporary art gallery in Durham, NC.
  2. Astronomy: a cluster of stars in the Taurus (bull) constellation.
  3. Classical Mythology: seven daughters of Atlas pursued by Orion.
"Pleiades Plus One" at Pleiades Gallery.

Renee Leverty and Kim Wheaton (photo by Alex Thomsen)

Pleiades is a community-focused, artist-driven contemporary art gallery founded in 2013 by Renee Leverty and Kim Wheaton, who are both artists. Renee and Kim met through another gallery and shared a vision of an art gallery in Durham that champions its artists and fosters relationships with the community.

We believe original artwork is important in our daily lives: it brings beauty, pause, satisfaction, contemplation, and pleasure.

By juried invitation, Pleiades represents ten talented, Triangle-based artists in diverse media who are participating members of the gallery. Our member artists are involved in many aspects of the gallery business including curating exhibitions, extensive knowledge of artwork, marketing, social media, sales, and staffing.

Our member artists are: Mark Abercrombie, Teddy Devereux, Tom Dunne, Gray Griffin, Renee Leverty, Lucia Marcus, Darius Quarles, Nate Sheaffer, and Kim Wheaton. Learn more about each artist on our artist pages.

Every time you come to Pleiades you will be welcomed by an artist who wants to be there for you, whether you are looking for a particular piece of art, are curious about contemporary art and local artists, or just want to enjoy our beautiful space.

At Pleiades, building connections to individual patrons as well as our larger community is important. We provide an experience where visitors are inspired by high-caliber art. We nurture relationships between artists and art appreciators, and we foster relationships within the broader arts and business community. ­­

Our mission to connect people to the power of art, while running a business that supports individual artists, has been a rewarding experience.

Pleiades_Gallery_logoV2_PMS_squareWe picked the name “Pleiades” for our gallery as a way to represent connections in Durham. The cluster of Pleiades stars is represented on the Durham city flag (because Pleiades is located on the shoulder of Taurus, the bull constellation). So in our gallery we are a cluster of artists within the cultural constellation of Durham, the Bull City!

The artists of Pleiades share a set of values that make our gallery both special and an intentional work environment:

  • Equality – we equally value the artwork, perspective, and experience of all gallery members.
  • Diversity – we believe that diversity of individuals and art makes the whole stronger; it is important to reflect the community in which we reside through our artists and our outreach.
  • Community – we build connections between artists, customers, and the community, and we create partnerships with other local organizations and businesses.
  • Individuality – our artists can express themselves freely through their work and be true to their own art form and artistic process.
  • Aesthetics – individual works in the gallery are highlighted within a beautiful, harmonizing whole; we keep the gallery artistically fresh by updating exhibits every 4-6 weeks.
  • Collaboration – member artists work together to create an arts experience that is greater than what we could do alone.

Please keep visiting us to see what new and exciting things are happening at Pleiades!