We need your support!

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Pleiades Arts, Inc. is a nonprofit successor organization to Pleiades Gallery, LLC.  While the initial purpose of the LLC was to provide a space for individual member artists to showcase and sell their artwork, the mission of the organization has shifted such that broader community interests are at the heart of our purpose.

Our mission is threefold: Community Engagement and Access to Art, Arts Education and Innovation, and Social Justice Initiatives. 

While Pleiades Arts, Inc., continues to offer artwork of exhibiting artists for sale, we also are expanding our community outreach and education activities as a nonprofit through:

    • establishing arts education events
    • fostering diversity of artwork that is reflective of the region
    • providing a space for artists from underrepresented communities to exhibit visual and performance art
    • merging innovation with the arts to increase understanding and access to art
    • partnering with other civic organizations
    • hosting community events to address specific cultural and social issues.

The Board and Members of Pleiades Arts, Inc. are very excited to push artistic innovation, promote important social issues in the community, and create opportunities for individuals in the Triangle Area—particularly in underrepresented communities—to develop and display their artistic talents.

This work will be sustained by Artist Members, Sustaining Members, grants, and donations from the community.  We appreciate your support!